Maintenance Division

The Town of Carolina Shores Maintenance Division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of streets and drainage facilities throughout town. These responsibilities are carried out using a fulltime maintenance crew that works in the areas of:

  • Street repair
  • Traffic sign maintenance
  • Roadside environmental (right-of-way mowing, tree trimming)
  • Drainage


Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday 7am to 5pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Street Repair

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of Town owned streets. Repair consists of temporary and semi-permanent street patching, grading non-paved streets, and removal of debris impacting travel.

Traffic Sign Maintenance

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance of traffic signs throughout the Town on Town owned streets. These signs range from street name signs to stop and speed limits signs.

Roadside Environmental

The Maintenance Division is responsible for roadside environmental work consisting of cutting vegetation (grass/limbs) in the right-of-way of Town streets. This work is completed on a rotational schedule with grass cutting occurring from April to October and limb trimming from December to February.


The Maintenance Division is responsible for drainage on the Town owned drainage system. This system connects various private systems to the County system known as the Caw Caw Drainage Canal. Drainage work consists of maintaining the right-of-way of the drainage system (vegetative maintenance) and periodic de-mucking of the drainage system. Drainage work is on-going; the schedule for vegetative maintenance is twice annually and for de-mucking to occur as needed.